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Cama Mia has a new approach in offering high quality textile products at a competitive price, professional service and individual attitude, adapted for the needs of 5-star resorts and for each category of hotels, guest houses, complexes, hostels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals and other related institutional clients.

We know the price of the feeling of coziness and comfort that the client expects to receive during their accommodation. Whether your guests will associate you with comfort, satisfaction and sophistication, it is crucial to return to your hotel, restaurant or guest house and recommend you in the future. As your textile consultant and partner, we understand your needs and problems very well and we are ready to consult you and offer the best professional solutions, according to your individual requirements.

Solutions that contribute to the development of the HoReCa business and save you time and effort.

Because you deserve the best at an affordable price!


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Bed linen

Our collection of bed linen for hotels includes a wide range of fabrics in stock, suitable for different categories of hotels, such as Egyptian cotton, percale, linen, cotton satin, ranfors and cotton polyester. We make products according to individual sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of each client! You can count on our team of professionals to choose bed linen that meets your budget, the goals of the project and brings added value to your guests! Cama Mia guarantees you quality fabrics and precise workmanship!

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Towels and bathrobes

The feeling of comfort in the bathroom is crucial for the overall satisfaction of the guests, so the choice of towels and bathrobes is extremely important! Cama Mia offers a wide variety of towels in stock and on order depending on customer requirements, as well as various ways to customize such as woven logo, print or embroidery! In case you are hesitant in choosing the density of the towels, our team will offer you the optimal solution according to the specifics of the project!

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Duvet blankets and pillows

All products related to the quality sleep and rest of your guests must be carefully selected to become a strong point for your accommodation! Cama Mia offers pillows and duvets with different fillings such as silicone fibers , silicone fiber balls, silicone fiber down and goose down. You can count on our team for advice on how to maintain the products, as well as how to keep them in perfect condition for a long time!

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Mattresses and pillows are a serious investment for any accommodation, so you need to make sure that you take the necessary measures to keep them for longer! The mattress protector is the accessory that will extend the life of the mattress by protecting it from dirt and moisture. Cama Mia offers waterproof mattress and pillow protectors made of high quality breathable material with polyurethane coating. In addition to waterproof protectors, Cama Mia also produces quilted protectors with a thin silicone fibers filling, which gives extra softness to the mattress!

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Luxurious or casual, colorful or white, jacquard or plain, you choose! In case you are hesitant with the choice of material, color or method of workmanship, our team will offer the most suitable materials depending on the intensity of use, budget and class of the restaurant! We guarantee high quality materials and workmanship to individual sizes!

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The slippers in a hotel are one of the main consumables in the room with extremely high rotation! To meet all needs, we offer a variety of slippers in different price categories - from disposable non-woven slippers to luxury towel slippers with non-slip soles and luxury logo embroidery to make your guests feel at home.

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The curtains and the small textile decorations connected with them are the last touch in the hotel room, with which it becomes a cozy place to relax! Cama Mia offers a wide range of thick curtains, blackout and veils according to the individual sizes of the client. You choose the textiles, we are committed to everything else - sizing, manufacturing and installation!

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  • Our work is a balance between flawless execution and speed of delivery.
  • A company founded by foreign investors with 30 years of experience in the field of textiles.
  • We offer high quality products at affordable prices.
  • Access to quality raw materials from all over the world, from carefully selected and verified suppliers.
  • Innovative and flexible approach in project implementation.
  • We have stocks and fulfill orders according to individual customer needs.
  • We offer an extremely wide range for every taste and every need.
  • We have the same attitude and commitment to the project no matter how big the client's business is.
  • We take care of every detail to save customers time and effort.
  • We have accumulated know-how, thanks to many completed projects in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Israel and the United States.
  • Our highly qualified team follows the latest trends in the industry and will be happy to share expert opinion and recommendations.
  • Making a sample room, taking measures on the spot, branding custom products are just some of the services for your business that will save you time and money.

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Maritim Paradise Blue Hotel & Spa, Albena

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  • Professional recommendations for proper maintenance of textiles for longer life.
  • Sewing of all orders according to individual sizes and specific requirements of the client.
  • Branding of all types of textile materials.
  • Consultations for a complete choice of textile solutions and aesthetic combinations, according to the corporate brand identity of the property.
  • Free delivery or preferential prices


0882 487 828    0882 057 560